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After my rant about the used market here in CO Springs, you would think thrift store finds never happen for me. That’s actually not the case! Check out the first post of things I found here. While I may be having trouble finding actual furniture at thrift stores or on Craigslist and other selling apps, finding secondhand decor items is NEVER hard. In fact, I have to physically restrain myself sometimes from buying stuff I really don’t need. Or want to clean around. Here’s what I found this time!

Guest Bathroom

I found this adorable shower curtain for our guest bathroom upstairs. We had purple towels in our master bath in our last house, and a gray striped shower curtain to match. I’m so tired of the gray stuff now, but I can’t let go of those purple towels (do these count as secondhand, since I’m recycling them?), so I’ve decided to use them in the guest room. The ombre-ish little blocks on this curtain match the purple I’ve already got, and it’s a heavy cotton material that I can wash and iron anytime.

Guest Bedroom

This little nightstand was only $14.99, and it’s in great condition. Heavy and the drawers both work perfectly. The color even matches the bedspread I already have in this room! This tiny lamp and the shade on it were also both thrift store finds. Again, that blue matches the bedspread and the little lampshade is a good cream color that blends with the rest of the stuff in here. I love it when I don’t actually have to do anything to secondhand finds to make them match the room they are destined for.

Master Bedroom

This little lamp came with this shade already attached! This was probably my favorite secondhand score this round. It works really well on my nightstand and the tiny shade is in almost perfect condition. It looks like someone donated it like the day after they bought it. If they did, I can’t thank them enough. Both together were only $6.

SJ hates having a lamp on his side of the bed, so I only needed one, and this one was it!

Master Bath

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the frame on the left is actually navy with some gold-ish wearing on the edges. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to replace the image with, but these are going in our master bath somewhere. I found 3 identical ones for $3 each. The tiny basket is now being used to store my nail polish and stuff on the shelf above the toilet. It’s so cute and it was only $.99. SCORE.

Those are my secondhand finds for this round. I think it went pretty well. Now if I could just find a few end tables and coffee tables! I’ll post updates when I have the master bath completed with those 3 frames. Stay tuned!


Thanks for being here.


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