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Hi Guys! This is the first in a series about things I find at my local thrift store. (A separate series about used furniture starts here). I know there are lots of these “haul” blog posts out there, but I find that my experience with thrift store finds is much different than the ones I normally read about. For one, I don’t usually go in with only a vague idea of what I need. If I’m shopping, its because I need something. I do browse the aisles, but I always have a reason to be at the store in the first place. I don’t shop as a hobby or a way to spend time when I’ve got nothing else to do. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, its just not something I enjoy.

For another, I am actually not a huge fan of most DIY crafts. There are some projects I enjoy, like crochet and sewing home stuff. But I’m not a super creative make-a-new-nightstand-from-an-old-mattress-and-a-few-wire-hangers kind of person. I’m not that patient or ambitious. I am all for repurposing, just with minimal effort, like using a cute single teacup for a brush holder in my bathroom. No glue or drill required.

I will, however, spray paint anything. ANYTHING. Old ugly lamp? Spray paint. Perfect sized stool for my breakfast counter, but it’s yellow and purple? Spray paint. Weird metal wall shelf that might actually be a candle holder but I see it as a planter? Spray paint. I’d spray paint the dog if it wasn’t toxic and he’d hold still for 10 minutes. 

Anyway, there are things I just refuse to buy new, so I haunt the local thrift stores until I find something that will work. This can take a long time, or I get lucky my first trip out to look for it. For example:


I’ve been searching for canisters for flour and sugar storage for like a year now. No joke. I’ve been to every thrift store in my old neighborhood in WA a million times. We even went to thrift stores in other towns, while we were on a one-day or overnight trips. I couldn’t find anything with a wide enough mouth, that wasn’t shaped like a clown head, or that had an actual airtight seal still intact.

Our poor flour has been living in the cabinet in it’s own paper bag this whole time. I’m clearly a failure as a housekeeper.

I could not force myself to buy anything new though. It seemed like such a waste of money to buy something new I know people get rid of on a regular basis. My patience has finally been rewarded! Behold, I have found the perfect flour and sugar countertop storage solutions at my local Arc Thrift Store, for only $2.99 each. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but they are a dark bronze color and match my new kitchen perfectly. They have been scrubbed and are currently filled with baking soda to get the slightly musty-metal smell out. Then I’ll run them through the dishwasher and fill them up.

Glass Containers

I found these Pyrex containers at another thrift store. They are the perfect size to store cotton balls and swabs in our guest bathroom. I ran them through the dishwasher already, but the price tags are stubbornly refusing to budge. Acetone may be required.

There is also a chance I will spray paint the tops, but that will depend on whether or not I’m too lazy to primer first. Stainless steel is hard to paint since it’s so smooth, nothing wants to stick.

Drawer Organizers

Ok, these aren’t really meant to organize drawers. I think they were actually food storage containers at one point. They each had an airtight lid with them, but they (the lids) were all cracked and broken.

Since I don’t have a lot of things to keep in the massive drawer in my bathroom vanity, stuff was getting lost in there, rolling around all willy-nilly like. It drove me nuts. I found these at the same thrift store I found the Pyrex containers and they work great for organizing in there.

And yes, that is an old iPhone box on the right top corner. Whatever works, right?

That’s all I’ve got for now. I have a whole house to furnish and decorate though, so I will be posting updates as they happen.

Thanks for being here!


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