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These are the 5 greatest housekeeping blogs on the web, according to me. I read these ladies daily for inspiration, ideas, and sometimes a good laugh. Check them out!

1. Brocante Home

This is the first blog I found when I searched for housekeeping blogs a few years ago after buying my first home. I have since read every. single. post. It’s funny, sad, and deeply personal. Ms. May’s ebooks have also provided SO MUCH inspiration for me in my own housekeeping routine. It’s great for vintage housekeeping tips, little things called “puttery treats”, and her Pinterest board is amazing.

2. Clean Mama

I’m totally going to follow the Clutter Challenge as soon as we get into our new home. I will also be purchasing a few kits from Becky’s Etsy shop to help me get a good start on keeping the house clean and organized before we even move our crap in. Genius right? And I’m not a mom, but she’s got tons of stuff on there about organizing and cleaning with little ones too.

3. A Bowl Full of Lemons

If you’ve ever wondered what the home building process is like, read the series on A Bowl Full of Lemons. It’s currently in progress, so check back for more. Also great for organizing ideas and the “One Project at a Time” series is really great too.

4. One Good Thing By Jillee

There are some ridiculously good tips to find about housekeeping on this blog. You can also find DIY recipes for household cleaners, and there is a whole category about gardening and outdoor tips.

5. Queen of Clean

The simple format of this blog keeps me coming back. It’s totally full of tips and tricks for cleaning, and for using everyday stuff like Vodka, to clean, disinfect, organize and otherwise make your house a home.

These are my top 5 housekeeping blogs. I rely on them for tips, inspiration and for a good laugh once in awhile too!


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