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Selling your house is a huge undertaking. There are so many details to consider. Despite what SJ says, they don’t actually just take care of themselves. Below is a basic outline of the process. I’m working on a more detailed guide to selling that will be available as a downloadable PDF, so stay tuned!


The Home Selling Process


Personally, I found that the cleaning and decluttering were the hardest parts for us when selling our home. I spent DAYS scrubbing and polishing and packing stuff up. It did not help that the husband and the dog were not as helpful as they could have been.

Know how long it takes to get the dog smell out of a carpet using only Febreeze? Me either, because I was never able to actually get it completely out.

Ahem. Anyway, selling your home is stressful. If its the first time you are doing this, it can be downright scary. Hopefully, this gives a basic overview of what the process looks like.

An in-depth PDF of the actual steps is on the way, so fear not! You can do this, and it won’t be as bad as it seems. Promise. Well, getting the dog smell out will be tough, but most everything else will be fine. If you know any tricks about the dog aroma, please let me know!

Thanks for being here!


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