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This is not a sponsored post. We purchased the products at full price after researching the options and deciding which one met our requirements. All opinions are mine. 

SJ is picky about his garage. REALLY picky. He can’t figure out how to stop piling his work clothes on top of the dog crate in our bedroom every night, but his tools are arranged alphabetically and the storage shelves are organized by chemical and application. The garage floor is also very important to him. Which is why the very first thing he did when we bought our new house was to seal it with Rustoleum Rocksolid Garage Floor Coating. I admit it does look pretty now.

Yes, garage floors can be pretty. Anything can be pretty if it wants to be.

This process took us (mostly him) about 2 days to complete. It could have only taken 1 if the weather was warmer and SJ wasn’t trying to get it done before all our stuff arrived from the storage company. He started on a Friday night and finished up Saturday afternoon. Here’s what we did.

Garage floor finished!

Clean Sweep

SJ swept out the garage floor, then used a concrete grinder he rented from Home Depot to rough it up and remove any sealer that may have been on it. He wanted to be sure that he was down to actual cement before he applied the goop (technical term).

The grinding took him about 2 hours. After that was done, he swept the floor again, then applied the citric acid cleaner that came with the kit. This was my second favorite part. It foamed and sounded cool. Citric acid is not a very strong acid, and it was mixed with water, so we weren’t worried about it harming anything. It was just to clean off any remaining dirt and grime. SJ scrubbed the garage floor with a push broom, then rinsed it down with plain water 3 separate times to make sure everything was gone.

Then, we let the whole thing dry overnight.

Seal The Cracks

Very early the next morning, we sealed all the large cracks and seams. The large seam down the center of the garage was just filled with a silicone caulk so it would be watertight and the sealer would not leak down into the dirt below. The large cracks elsewhere in the floor SJ filled with DAP Concrete and Mortar Sealant and smoothed with a putty knife. He let this all dry for about 2 hours. It was set but still a little bit tacky.

This is where I would have let the stuff sit for longer, but SJ was pretty sure it would all work out and since it’s his garage, we went with it.

It did work out.

Apply The Goop!

No, goop is not the actual term. I think it’s called Polycuramine but goop is way more fun to say.

Anyway, in 1 kit the goop comes in 2 pouches which have to be mixed together. You then have 1 hour to apply before it gets too hard to roll on the floor. For our garage size, SJ used 2 kits, one at a time. He mooshed (another technical term) the contents of the first kit’s pouches together and then set a timer for an hour.

Using a paintbrush, he applied the stuff around the outer edges of the garage floor first. Then, he worked in sections, pouring out a line about halfway across the floor, then rolling it out with the foam roller that came with the kit.


Now, my favorite part. The kit comes with these bits of what looks like tiny paint chips. We got the Mocha kit, so the chips are black, brown and off-white. I kept calling it glitter, and it was my job to toss it around on the wet floor. This was so much fun. I was totally pretending to be Tinker Bell.

SJ bought 3 additional bags of the floor glitter, and I followed after him applying the glitter to each section after he rolled on the goop.

Once that fun was over, we let the floor dry for about 2 days. The package says foot traffic is fine after 8-10 hours and that you can drive on it after 24-36 hours, but because this is Colorado and it’s January, it took our floor longer to dry. It actually snowed the night we finished and was still snowing for most of the next day. The only thing that we noticed was there is a strip of the floor where it hangs out past the garage door that is discolored. This was probably because of the snow and really isn’t a product defect. This small area got wet and after it did finally dry, it came out a sort of pale grayish white. We don’t mind it though, and the rest of the floor looks great.


That’s it! The whole project was a lot easier than I was expecting. And not only because SJ did all the actual work. It was pretty straightforward and easy, and we love the finished result. The only complaint he had was that the foam roller provided in the kit didn’t spread the goo as evenly as he would have liked and kept trying to come off the holder. He would definitely use the kit again though, so maybe I can talk him into doing the laundry room next!

Thanks for being here!

For actual instructions on how to apply this product, please follow the directions on the packaging. This is not meant to be a how-to, just a what we did.


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