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Houseplants. That word reminds me of house slippers or house dress. Like houseplants are the accessories you don’t take out in public because they are comfortable but a bit embarrassing; easy going and low maintenance and you don’t want anyone to see them.

I think we should think of another term. Let’s just say indoor plants. Or yoga-plants. Like yoga pants. Comfortable, but still totally acceptable in public, sometimes even at work! I plan on filling my house with yoga-plants precisely because of their laid-back attitudes. Forget to water for a couple weeks? Choose the right houseplant (yoga-plant) and it won’t matter! They don’t hold a grudge. Don’t have a lot of natural light? A spider plant, or a squad of them, will still love you and green the place up.


Guides and Info

Better Homes and Gardens has a compilation of great guides here. has a list of houseplants that dangerous to fur-babies here. Gardening Know How has a great article here for kid-friendly plants and kids growing plants indoors.


My Houseplants

I currently have plants in my kitchen and master bathroom. The succulents on the right below are in the window above the kitchen sink. I love succulents and they are SO easy to care for.

The little guy in the middle is on my work desk. I can’t remember what type of plant this is, but it’s super easy to grow and doesn’t need much attention, which is great for me. I sometimes forget to water myself, so plants don’t stand much chance.

The pic on the left is our very messy master bath. That’s a spider plant on the left low wall and a dracaena in the window. ┬áBoth low maintenance and unfussy.

Chester Copperplant, a Pothos in our family room

I totally intend to fill up more spaces in our house with plants. I already have a Peace Lilly and a couple more Pothos on my shopping list and I am aiming to replace pointless knick-knacks and dust collectors with as much greenery as I can. Not only will houseplants provide some O2, a few like the Peace Lilly, filter toxins, making the indoor air quality better.

Another bonus: CO is DRY. So dry I had to stop wearing contact lenses because they kept getting stuck to my eyeballs. More plants mean more indoor humidity which is a good thing in this climate. Also, it will let me pretend I live in Hawaii if I close my eyes and imagine really hard. So that’s good too.

Thanks for being here and reading about houseplants (yoga-plants)!


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