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Cleaning products are my least favorite things to shop for. All the scary chemicals I can’t pronounce, the harsh smells that give me a headache, the absurd prices. I’d had quite enough of all this, so I Googled DIY cleaning products and haven’t looked back.

DIY cleaners are cheap and so easy to make. Mostly it’s just measuring out a few things and mixing in a spray bottle. You can customize scents too!

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What do you really need?


Turns out, I really only need a few things to clean my whole house: an all-purpose cleaner for countertops, other surfaces, and floors; a toilet bowl cleaner; a glass cleaner. For greasy stuff, I add baking soda to my all-purpose cleaner for a gentle scrubbing which almost always takes care it. Same for soap scum in my shower, and I use it sprinkled on the carpet or couches if I need to deodorize either (we’ve got a dog who’s only job in life is to sleep on the couches and fart).

Most of my products are different combinations of vinegar and water, with salt or baking soda as a scrubbing agent when I need it. I admit I also use quite often as well. Not really a DIY cleaner, but I use it in different solutions when I need to and I know what all the ingredients in it are. Plus, it comes in lavender scented, which is my favorite, so I keep a bottle of it handy.

Here’s my list of favorite DIY cleaning product recipes!


All-Purpose DIY Cleaners – Surfaces and Counter Tops


LiveSimply has a good castile soap all purpose cleaner here. I like this one because I use the lavender Dr. Bronner’s, so I don’t have to add any other scent if I don’t want to/ am too lazy to dig out my essential oils. This one is also great for my kitchen countertops, which are solid surface so I try to avoid using vinegar on them.

Tori Avey has a great citrus infused vinegar recipe that I really love for my refrigerator shelves and bathroom countertops. I use this one for cleaning windows and glass too!

The Spruce’s Fragrant Vinegar Spray is another vinegar based one I really like. I can add whatever essential oils I want, usually lavender and eucalyptus.


 DIY Cleaners For Toilet Bowls


You can use an all-purpose cleaner for a toilet too, but I prefer something a little stronger. 

This cleaner from PopSugar is my favorite. Again, I like that I can personalize the scent if I want, and it seems to be the most effective DIY cleaner for toilets I’ve tried.

Once a month, I also just spray the whole toilet down with a straight dilution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. I let this sit while I am cleaning the sinks, then I scrub the whole thing with baking soda, which neutralizes the vinegar but is still mildly abrasive, so it removes stains. This works for the kind of toilets we have, but strong vinegar solutions can wear down some surfaces, so check to make sure your’s will be safe before you do this.


 DIY Cleaner for Glass and Windows


I do sometimes use my scented vinegar cleaner for glass and windows, but there are a few other DIY recipes I use too.

The Balance has 2 recipes here, one with just vinegar and one with vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Both work well for me.

This one from Whole New Mom uses cornstarch and essential oils, which smells great and doesn’t streak. I like this one for our bathroom mirrors.


A few other DIY cleaners and deodorizers


Baking soda mixed with a few drops of whatever essential oils I feel like at the time, sprinkled on the couches and carpets. I leave this for about an hour then vacuum it up. Works just as well as Febreeze but is way cheaper.

A cotton ball soaked in essential oil, then placed in a small glass dish and left in the bathrooms for a subtle scent.

Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle to spray down our shower about once a week. Cuts down on soap scum and mold/mildew (this was more of a problem in WA where it was way more humid than in CO). Check that this won’t harm your surfaces before trying it though.



So that’s it! Those are my favorite DIY cleaners. Each really only costs pennies to make, especially if you don’t care for essential oil fragrances.

Happy mixing and thanks for being here!



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