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This post is the first in a series about used furniture and how I’m planning to furnish our new home.  

When we moved from WA to CO, we donated or sold off most of our furniture. Our couch was tired and uncomfortable, the dining room table was smaller than we really wanted, and the accent furniture may not have worked in whatever new home we found. We kept our bedroom furniture and got rid of the rest. So how are we going to furnish our new place? With used furniture!


Why Used Furniture?

SJ and I have decided to source as much as possible used. Why? Because we just don’t see the point of buying brand new when used is cheaper and there are so many options.

People are always getting rid of perfectly good items. Estate sales, garage sales, yard sales, flea markets. They are all great places to get good deals, and personally, I prefer the character that most used furniture has. There is nothing more boring than having the same stuff everyone else does.

Yes, it’s also more “green” and eco-friendly, and that’s important too. But honestly, I just like the idea of furniture with history.

The Formal Living Room

Since this room is larger than the family room, we are planning to use it as the main TV/ gathering room. I’ve been making a list of used furniture stores in our area, and so far I have a good idea of the ones I want to scope out first. They have inventory posted on their websites and some of them even deliver!

Right now, I’m thinking we may want a large sectional couch that seats at least 6, as well as a coffee table, possibly an end table or two, and a comfortable chair. The plan  is to live in the house for awhile before making any large purchase decisions, so this list may change.

We kept our entertainment center. It’s a large black thing from Ikea, but it’s in great shape and will go with whatever else we decide we might need.

The dog on our old couch.

The Dining Room

Second-hand dining room furniture is so easy to find, I’m not sure why anyone buys it new. The used furniture stores I have been watching have several sets each, and they are constantly getting new ones in. You can even find nice ones on Craiglist or Letgo.

I know I want a dining table that seats at least 6. Solid wood is a must and I don’t care if the chairs match the table. SJ would like something bar height. We will see what we can find. A refinishing project may be in my future!

The Family Room

I think the family room is normally meant to be the place where the family watches TV and hangs out together right? Ours has a fireplace and is right off the kitchen, but it’s so small and has a sliding glass door to the backyard that we want open access to, so I think I want to make it into a sort of library/ reading room.

Used furniture for this will be even easier to find than dining room furniture. There are used bookshelves EVERYWHERE. Even free ones, if you aren’t picky about the condition. I figure I’m going to paint or refinish whatever I find anyway, so as long as it’s in good shape structurally, it’s going to work.

Also on the list for this room are comfortable chairs or maybe a small loveseat.

The Kitchen

The new kitchen has a large center island where SJ and I will eat most of our meals. I will need to find a couple of bar stools or the like for us to sit on. Used furniture stores are normally full of these as well, so we should have plenty of options.

The Bathrooms

We have 2 full bathrooms and 1 half bath in our new place. The master bath has a separate shower and bath, with a glass door on the shower, so I won’t need to find a shower curtain for that one. I want to add a storage cabinet to the room. This isn’t something I’ve been in the market for before, so I’m not sure what kind of options I might have at a used furniture store or thrift store, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

I plan on sourcing any linens for the other 2 bathrooms at thrift stores.

Everything is washable, and you can find really great deals on towels, shower curtains and bath mats that are usually barely even used.

Other Rooms

We’ve got 3 bedrooms, besides the master, and 1 basement room to furnish as well. Since we aren’t quite sure how we are going to use all these rooms yet, I’m not making a list of things to fill them up. Empty spaces don’t bother me, so I can wait while we figure out how we want those rooms to function.

One of the rooms will probably end up a guest room, and we’ve already got a bed for that room. Perhaps a side table or something will work as well, but we will see. The next posts will have updates as decisions are made!


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